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“To provide an unprecedented platform for University gospel choirs across west Africa to harness and develop their vocal talent, whilst uplifting and inspiring the young and old from all walks of life through the powerful medium of gospel music.”

Mission / Objectives:

  1. Hold a internationally recognised annual, televised, competition attracting choirs and spectators from all walks of live.
  2. Encourage unity, love and hope, which are all synonymous with the underlying message of Gospel music.
  3. Establish a community-based mentality through our competition, whilst improving the musical abilities, talent, confidence and ability of all participants.
  4. Increase the number of gospel choirs in West Africa by 20 in year 3.
  5. Introduce participants to the powerful traditions of gospel music.
  6. Provide our audience with an inspiring, entertaining and uplifting show.
  7. Attract mainstream sponsors, government supporters to support establishing UGCY as a high profile and high quality event, whilst remaining financially stable and sustainable.